Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photo Album

For those who want to see it all . . . .

Chile 2009


Vicki Lansen

Incredible photos! I think that some people think of the whole event here as something wildly cinematic and slightly romantic in scheme. Overall, from the long view, I suppose it looks that way. But in truth, and as you must now know, it's anything but tragic, confusing and emotionally convoluted.

I'm so glad you got here, and had a chance to see this strange place. I'm sorry my socks were returned by bus. Bad timing on my part. I was amazed to see the termales still open...might have to visit soon if I'm feeling daring.

Best wishes, and thanks for posting the wonderful photos of your trip!


Vicki Lansen

I meant "nothing but tragic..." wish there was an edit feature... :)



Oh yay! Great photos!

I've enjoyed your travel blog posts w/pics!


Karen, I have enjoyed reviewing your photos of Chaiten post-eruption. I'm sure your journey was excellent, as are any to the region. If you would like photos taken in the few months (Feb-March) pre- eruption to give you a better sense of what the town was like in it's full glory, I'd be happy to share them with you as I have hundreds from my short stay.

Karen Dionne

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the photos - I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but it truly was an amazing experience.

Melissa - I would LOVE to see your photos of Chaiten taken before the eruption. I know my perception of the town is skewed and very narrow - it would be terrific to be able to get a sense of what Chaiten was like before. My email is Thanks for offering!

And Vicki - you are so sweet to go to such trouble to send me a pair of socks! I bought a pair in Puerto Montt on the way home, to remind me of you. I left a copy of my novel for you with Nicolas - has he sent it to you yet? So sorry we didn't get to meet in person. Next time!

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